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HID Global Looks Ahead at Top Trends for Secure Identity in 2016

Transactions Through Mobile Devices – HID Global looks ahead at Top Trends for Secure Identity in 2016

  • Mobility and a growing focus on the user experience will be a strong focus for organizations in 2016.
  • Trusted digital identities will proliferate across increasingly connected environments for greater convenience, fueling opportunities to enhance productivity and drive compliance to security policies.
  • Privacy protection will continue to grow in importance, forcing organizations to improve best practices for preventing breaches and safeguarding identities, even after they’re stolen.Singapore, January 18, 2016 – Cybersecurity spending is expected to rise with the Sony breach remaining fresh in the minds of corporations worldwide. However, hackers will also intensify their attacks, exploiting emerging surfaces introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT) and loopholes in existing infrastructures. HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, has identified security 2016 trends to watch based on its deep insights gained from top customers across numerous markets, along with pilots and deployments of the company’s latest solutions with forward-looking partners and end-user organizations worldwide.HID Global’s broad industry perspective has positioned the company to pinpoint five key developments that it believes will have the greatest impact during this year on identity and access management, citizen identification and the IoT.“We’re watching several developing trends in the new year, including growing demand for a more mobile-centric and satisfying user experience that HID Global believes will be the primary driver for security technology innovation in 2016,” said Stefan Widing, HID Global President and CEO. “Customers will increasingly aspire to a comprehensive secure identity experience for their users that can provide the foundation for more flexible, adaptable solutions in a new era of interconnected digital identities and the Internet of Things.”HID Global’s 2016 trends point to a more mobile and connected experience, ongoing advancements in privacy protection and broader adoption of best practices for solution deployment. The trends include:

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